Paper jams are the #1 frustration among shredder users.

That’s why Fellowes® shredders are engineered to take on every job, no matter how tough. As a market leader, Fellowes® offers a broad range of shredders with patented jam prevention technologies. Achieve hassle-free shredding with The World’s Toughest Shredders™.

Advanced Jam Prevention

Get three levels of advanced jam prevention with our patented 100% Jam Proof System.

Prevents Overfeeding

As you insert paper, the throat sensor measures paper thickness to eliminate jams.

Powers Through

As paper is shredding, if any wrinkles or folds occur the 100% Jam Proof System will pause the motor, reverse out the paper, and then power through.

Maximises Productivity

As you feed stacks of paper into the machine, the light bar will indicate whether or not you are within the recommended sheet capacity. This instant feedback allows you to get the job done faster and easier.

See it in Action
Green to Yellow means you are within the recommended range Red means the shredder is overfed, and the excess paper needs to be removed to resume shredding

Basic Jam Prevention

Get one level of basic jam prevention with our patented Jam Blocker™ Technology.

Prevents Overfeeding

As you insert paper, the throat sensor measures paper thickness to eliminate jams.

See it in Action
If overfed, a red light indicator will appear and the shredder will not start until the excess paper is removed

From paper jam prevention to improving shredder safety,

Fellowes® develops innovative solutions that address consumers’ most important shredding needs. With over 215 global patents and patent applications, Fellowes® is dedicated to incorporating feature-rich innovations into our shredders making them more powerful, safer, and hassle-free.

Exceptional Quality

Fellowes® shredders are built to last. The process begins by creating innovative designs and proprietary features that meet the Fellowes® standard of quality. Then rigorous testing and superior components, including solid steel cutters, ensure the highest levels of durability, performance and reliability.

First-Class Support

Fellowes® shredders are #1 worldwide, because we stand behind our products. Every shredder we build is backed by a worry-free warranty, as well as knowledgeable customer service that will answer your call and provide the personalised support you deserve.

Want To Learn More?

Fellowes® has developed several online tools to help you choose the right shredder.


We believe you need the right shredder for the right job. You may have different shredding needs depending on how much and how often you plan on shredding.

Deskside Light/Medium Use - 1/1-3 Users
10 Sheets
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Professional Medium/Heavy Use - Up to 5 Users
17 Sheets
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Commercial Heavy Use - 5 or More Users
20 Sheets
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28 Sheets
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