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Ergonomic and Antibacterial Workspace Solutions

Our portable and antibacterial workplace solutions are perfect to create an ergonomic and comfortable workspace to complement any home office. Discover a healthier way of working with the Fellowes® 4 Zone Approach®

*Fellowes® has teamed up with Microban® to include specially formulated antibacterial protection in select products. This added layer of protection is integrated into Fellowes products at the point of manufacture to inhibit the growth of stains and odours caused by bacteria, keeping the products cleaner for longer. The technology remains active 24/7 for the life of the products.

Prevent Back Tension

Check your posture.
A back and foot support may help achieve the best working position.

Office Suites™ Microban® Adjustable Foot Support

Office Suites™ Microban® Adjustable Foot Support.

Professional Series Ultimate Back Support

Professional Series Ultimate Back Support.

Avoid Wrist Pressure

Support your wrists.
Keep forearms parallel with the top of your desk and wrist in a fairly neutral position.

PlushTouch™ Wrist Supports

PlushTouch™ Wrist Supports.

Chevron Photo Gel Wrist Supports

Chevron Photo Gel Wrist Supports.

Penguin® Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse

Penguin® Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse.

Relieve Neck Strain

Achieve comfortable viewing.
Ensure your eyes are in line with the top of your screen.

Designer Suites™ Monitor Support

Designer Suites™ Monitor Support.

I-Spire Series™ Laptop Quick Lift

I-Spire Series™ Laptop Quick Lift.

I-Spire Series™ Document/Tablet Lift

I-Spire Series™ Document/Tablet Lift.

Reduce Inactivity

Introduce movement.
Regular changes to your working position helps you work better and feel better.

Lotus™ DX Sit-Stand Workstation

Lotus™ DX Sit-Stand Workstation.

Organisation Made Easy

Keep your home and workspace organised with BANKERS BOX® smart and stylish products to improve productivity and minimise stress.

Keep your home and workspace organised with BANKERS BOX®

Style Range (corrugated storage) | Handifile Organisers | Pro Store™ Plastic Storage

The World’s Toughest Shredders®

Keep confidential data secure with our selection of home and small office shredders.

The World’s Toughest Shredders®


Inspire Creativity from Home

Having the right resources can inspire endless creative projects that are instant and cost effective, from binding and creating professional-looking work planners to children’s art and recipe cards.

Inspire Creativity from Home

Comb Binders | Laminators

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