Classroom Organization

    School Supplies at Your Fingertips
  • Keep supplies for school projects handy and organized throughout the school year with Bankers Box boxes. Store everything from markers, pencils, tissue, scissors, erasers, crayons, rulers and more! Place items in stackable, color-coded boxes and clearly label what’s in each box for organization! Plus, storage boxes with lift-off lids allow your class to access supplies quickly, so you can stay focused on your lesson plan!
    Classroom Decorations Storage
    Protect and organize your classroom decorations with durable, stackable storage Bankers Box boxes! Use color-coded boxes to sort banners, charts, and worksheets by holiday, theme or occasion. Heavy-duty boxes will also protect your precious materials from getting torn or frayed. From school year to school year, your favorite lesson plan graphics are secure and ready to go when you are!
    Student Achievements Box
    Let your students decorate their own Bankers Box project boxes at the beginning of the school year! Have each child label a box with his or her name, and let them use stickers, markers, crayons and their imagination to personalize their box. Throughout the school year, they can place crafts, drawings, gold star assignments, essays, book reports and other achievements into their own special box, giving them a sense of accomplishment. The personalized project box is a great way to feature a student’s work at parent-teacher conferences, or makes the perfect school-year memorabilia box to take home come summer break!

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    The heavy-duty BANKERS BOX R-KIVE® boxes come in various colors and withstand frequently handling to last the whole school year and more! Shown: 07241