Dorm Organized

  • Maximize minimal dorm room space with a box perfectly designed from Bankers Box! A Bankers Box R-KIVE® storage box fits nicely next to or under a dorm bed, desk, closet or cubby to stow toiletries, clothes, school supplies and study snacks. It’s also heavy-duty enough for vertical stacking, saving loads of space. These boxes are also durable for frequent access, ideal for any busy college student!
    Fun tip:
    Fill a Bankers Box “care package” box to drop off when homesick kids need extra supplies or little reminders of home! Use boxes at the end of the school year to pack up the dorm room until next year.
    Moving Tip:
    Just starting out the year in a new dorm or on-campus apartment? Check out our full line of Bankers Box moving boxes here to make the college transition a smooth one!

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    Space-saving, heavy-duty R-KIVE® boxes are strong enough to handle college books! They also come in different colors, have fun color-coding your dorm necessities, from toiletries to food to clothing! Shown: 07243